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Build your dreams with us!

Our construction company is a reliable partner who will provide you with comprehensive construction solutions and meet your highest expectations. With our own modern fleet of vehicles, we guarantee fast and safe delivery of materials, and experienced technical advisors will help you choose the best solutions.

We are a team of construction enthusiasts for whom quality and precision are a priority. We create not only solid structures, but also places where dreams come true. Our projects are our showcase, and satisfied customers determine our success.

Cooperation with us is a guarantee of punctuality, reliability and professionalism. Regardless of the scale of the project, we will approach it with commitment and attention to every detail. We operate in accordance with the highest industry standards, and our team is a well-coordinated team of specialists.

Welcome to a world where construction becomes a pleasure.

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Let’s build

We are a family company Luvi - Let's build together

Our offer includes:

  • Professional construction chemicals
  • The French Beissier plasters are valued on the market
  • Specialized paints from the Italian manufacturer CapArreghini
  • Hand tools from the renowned Knipex brand
  • Manual and electronic measuring tools from the famous German brand Stabila
  • Alpen drills and accessories for processing various materials
  • Tools for surface treatment and cutting materials
  • High quality tools for cable processing
  • Tools, Japanese saws, squeezers, knives
  • Bessey fastening and cutting tools
  • Diamond tools, cutting tools, cutters, drills, accessories
  • Profiles for floors and walls, skirting boards, bathroom systems
  • Wera brand wrenches and screwdrivers
  • Original Italian decorative plasters
  • Marking tools for professional craftsmen

For 3 decades, Luvi Sp. z o. o. deals with wholesale of building and finishing materials.

We have always focused on reliability, quality and durability.
Our main advantages are:

  • Experienced advisors with many years of experience in the construction industry.
  • Wide product range.
  • Efficient and fast logistics.
  • High flexibility and professional customer service.
  • The latest products from renowned brands.
How was our business created?

Our story

Luvi was established in 1992. The name was created as a result of the merger of two cities - Lubartów and Villarossa

Założenie marki
1992 Brand foundation
Rozpoczęcie współpracy z Mapei
1996 Start of cooperation with Mapei
Otwarcie centrali w Lubartowie 
1998 Opening of the headquarters in Lubartów
Rozpoczęcie współpracy z Fila
2000 Start of cooperation with Fila
2004 Opening of a branch in Białystok
Rozpoczęcie współpracy z Stabila
2005 Start of cooperation with Incana, Stabila
Otwarcie oddziału w Leżajsku
2006 Opening of a branch in Lezajsk
Rozpoczęcie współpracy z Caparreghini
2008 Start of cooperation with Caparreghini
Założenie marki
2012 Start of cooperation with Knipex, Wera, Beissier
Rozpoczęcie współpracy z Profilpas
2014 Start of cooperation with Profilpas
2019 Start of cooperation with Scangrip
2023 Start of cooperation with Valpaint