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Why are LUVI pliers the number one choice for professionals?

Szczypce KNIPEX

The quality of the tools is of great importance

Every professional is perfectly aware that the quality of the tools used is important. LUVI experts also know this. Based on many years of experience and market knowledge, they have prepared high-quality professional workshop tools. They will also be perfect for home DIY equipment. When shopping, it is worth paying attention not only to the quality of the product, but also to the ergonomic design of the tools and their adaptation to the needs of the specialist. This way, you will ensure safe and efficient work for years to come.

Szczypce KNIPEX

Attention to every detail and professional satisfaction

LUVI experts ensure that each individual product in the store’s offer meets the highest market standards. All this to meet the needs of demanding professionals and positively influence their daily efficiency. Attention to every detail takes place not only at the stage of assembling the LUVI assortment, but also at the stage of customer service. This is necessary to maintain the position of one of the market leaders in the field of workshop equipment distribution and to guarantee buyer satisfaction.

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A comprehensive range of pliers from LUVI

The needs of professionals are very different. It largely depends on the industry in which they operate and the specific nature of the work they perform. That is why LUVI has prepared a comprehensive offer, which includes:

  • cutting pliers;
  • lock pliers;
  • flat nose pliers;
  • straight pliers;
  • electric pliers;
  • insulation stripping pliers;
  • crimping pliers;
  • band pliers;
  • siphon pliers;
  • clamping pliers;
  • precision pliers;
  • pliers-wrenches;
  • pipe pliers;
  • grabbing pliers;
  • multi-function pliers;
  • security overlays;
  • and others.

You can choose products directly tailored to your needs. In the LUVI store you can buy individual tools or complete sets. The popular pliers are tools that should be in every home workshop. They are useful in many everyday situations.

Szczypce KNIPEX

Knipex brand tools

The pliers offered in the LUVI store come from the Knipex manufacturer’s catalog. This is a German company that is one of the leaders in tool production in the world. The history of Knipex dates back over 140 years. The manufacturer’s experts conduct extensive research, during which they verify the functionality of the tools and look for ways to improve them. The best products go on sale, including the LUVI offer. Each individual Knipex pliers is characterized by high quality workmanship, ergonomic design, operational durability and reliability. Thanks to this, they are a purchase that will last for years.

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Other workshop tools in the store's offer

LUVI is a place where you can find various types of tools for a professional’s workshop. These are not only pliers, but also: screwdrivers, clamps, drills, knives, scissors and much more. Ready-made sets and tool cases are very popular among specialists. By purchasing them, you can immediately provide yourself with universal equipment.

Szczypce KNIPEX

We invite you to shop at LUVI

We encourage you to shop at LUVI. This is a place created to meet the needs of professionals from various sectors. High quality tools go hand in hand with attractive prices, professional service and short delivery times. This makes LUVI the number one choice for conscious customers. We invite you to purchase pliers and other products from the store’s offer.